Web developer,

Media designer

& Internet enthusiast

About me


I am a web developer and media designer based in Bochum, Germany. I design and program sleek and enjoyable web applications. Being able to contribute to a vast network of information through my work is what I appreciate most.

I am familiar with all the steps and tools used from drafting and layouting a website, to state of the art programming and setting everything up on a hoster’s environment.

My main focus however is on front-end development, combining functionality with beautiful, unobtrusive animations.

If you are interested in my approach to programming, feel free to take a look at my repository for this website here.

I’ve been working for chewing the sun and friendventure and am currently doing freelance work.
Here are two projects I did on my own:
Carsten Sommer Objekte
BAEKO Berg + Mark

My Skills


  • Writing clean, reusable and performant code
  • Versioning (Git)
  • Databases (MySQL)
  • Responsive web design
  • WordPress customization/theming
  • HTML
  • PHP
  • CSS (SASS)
  • Javascript (ES6/Libraries/Plugins)
  • AJAX
  • Task runners (Gulp/Grunt)
  • Frameworks (Bootstrap)
  • Debugging
  • Local server environments (Mamp)


  • Layouting/Designing Print and Web products
  • UX/UI knowledge
  • Photography/Retouching
  • Digital art
  • Adobe Cloud
  • Sketch
  • CaptureOne


  • German
  • English

This space

is reserved for

future projects